Thursday 11 June 2020

If you follow Johan Derksen even a little bit, you’ll know this man. Danny Vera has been forming the house band for years in Veronica Inside, the tv-show made by Johan and his soccer loving friends. Americana singer Vera, whose real name is Danny Polfliet, had been a struggling artist for many years before he got anywhere in music. But now, he truly has arrived: his 2019 song Roller Coaster not only became hit biggest hit to date, but at the end of last year also entered the Top 2000 chart at number 4, thus becoming the highest new entry ever. Vera has put a whole range of albums to his name. The first was 2003’s For The Light In Your Eyes. It brought him a chart position in Turkey while his Dutch record company dropped him. Vera released several albums himself before signing another record deal. His latest album is 2019’s Pressure Makes Diamonds Part II, which he followed up with a live edition in December. This year looks equally promising: the concert he’ll play in April in AFAS Live is sold out, just as his club tour in the Fall.