Saturday 15 June 2019

They single-handedly (well, almost) put Southern rock on the map in the 1970s. After many decades, Lynyrd Skynyrd are still going strong – and coming to Grolloo! The band gained worldwide recognition for anthems such as Sweet Home Alabama and Free Bird. Of course, the history of the band has been tumultuous, not in the least due to a plane crash in 1977 which killed three band members. After a ten-year hiatus, Skynyrd took up again. After several other members fell away over the years, guitarist Gary Rossington is now the only remaining original band member. He is joined by, among others, Johnny van Zant, who took over lead vocals from his late brother Ronnie in 1987. With a catalog of over 60 albums and sales beyond 30 million worldwide, the rock ‘n’ roll powerhouse is now touring the world with their Last Of The Street Survivors Farewell Tour.