Thursday 9 June

After performing in Johan Derksen’s TV show ‘Veronica Inside’ for years, it was inevitable Danny Vera would find his way to Grolloo. The Americana singer, whose real name is Danny Polfliet, had been a struggling artist for many years before he got anywhere in music. But now, he truly has arrived: his 2019 song ‘Roller Coaster’ not only became hit biggest hit to date, but entered the Top 2000 chart at number 4 that year, and even rose to the #1 spot the year after, only to stay in the top 3 in 2021. Vera has put a whole range of albums to his name. The first was 2003’s ‘For The Light In Your Eyes’; it brought him a chart position in Turkey, though his Dutch record company dropped him. Vera released several albums himself before signing another record deal. After releasing his 2019 album ‘Pressure Makes Diamonds Part II’, he stayed busy, releasing a live album as well as one with home recordings. His latest album ‘The New Now’ saw the light last November and rose to the top spot.