The Holland International Blues Festival takes place on Thursday 13, Friday 14, and Saturday 15 June 2024.

The festival site is located in the heart of The Blues Village Grolloo, behind Café Restaurant Hofsteenge. The main entrance is on Hoofdstraat, Grolloo (near nr. 11).

Recommended age
The festival has a recommended age of 16 years, for children and young adults supervision is recommended under 16 years.

Tickets are on sale via www.ticketmaster.nl.
Note: Beware of black market and other rogue ticket agencies! Not only will you pay too much, you may also run the risk of buying counterfeit tickets. For more information, please visit www.weetwaarjekoopt.nl

Grolloo is located at the N376. You can use this route planner when traveling by car. When arriving at Grolloo and the festival site, follow the special signs and directions given by the traffic controllers. Are you traveling by public transport? Take the train to Assen and continue with bus 21 to Grolloo. Click here for current train schedules and to purchase your train e-ticket online. Click here for the bus schedule from Assen, and here for the schedule from Emmen.

Grolloo itself has only a few hotels, but there are plenty of accommodations available in the region.
More information about hotels and camping-sites can be found here.

Free parking is available on the special festival parking (unguarded), located at the N376 (opposite the festival site). Please follow the instruction given by the traffic controllers.

Bicycle Parking
The (unguarded) bicycle parking is located opposite the main entrance. 

Accessibility for disabled persons
The festival site is well accessible for disabled persons. There is a special platform for disabled persons near the main stage. Also wheelchair accessible toilets are present on site.

There are no lockers and no cloakroom facilities on the festival site.

Food & Beverage
The festival offers a wide variety of food and beverages. The festival catering is handled by Café Restaurant Hofsteenge (www.hofsteengegrolloo.nl). Payment is done with tokens that can be purchased with cash and PIN.

You are not allowed to bring along any of the following items:
Large bags and backpacks. Hand bags with a size of approx. A4 and 10 cm thick are allowed.
Beverages (excluding water in plastic bottles of max. 0.5l without cap), other fluids, food, drugs, soccer shirts, club related expressions, provocative or face-covering clothing, banners, carton/paper boards with writing (up to a maximum size of A4 is allowed), flags or flagpoles wider than 2cm and longer than 1.5m, umbrellas/parasols, selfie-sticks, two-way radios, professional camera, video, sound, and/or go pro equipment, and other image recorders. Unmanned aerial vehicles (such as UAV or Drones) or other flying objects. Weapons, chains or other objects that can be used as a weapon or or can disturb the peace. Glow sticks, laser-pens, and other light beams, poison, flammable or explosive materials, fireworks and flares. Animals, walking canes (except for medical walking canes), skates, bicycles, steps, skateboards, needles, soap bubbles, aerosol cans (except for deodorant and perfume), and other dangerous objects.

The following objects are only allowed in with a doctor’s certificate:
Strong medication, food and fluids that are required in connection with an allergy or illness.

Chairs or stools are not allowed because they can create an obstacle in case of evacuation. You are allowed to bring a blanket to sit on during open air concerts. In addition there will be plenty of seats available in the catering area.

In general: if you are unsure whether you are allowed to bring a certain object onto the festival site, you probably are not. Please note: objects that are not allowed in will not be safeguarded for you. You are advised not to bring any unnecessary or valuable possessions.