Saturday 10 June

“If Tina Turner and Little Richard had a daughter and raised her with the help of uncles James Brown and Chuck Berry, she’d be like Nikki Hill,” is the way a journalist once described the singer from North Carolina. Or, as Rolling Stone put it: “Think Tina Turner fronting AC/DC and you’ll have half of the picture.” Nikki Hill sang gospel in the church choir from her childhood through her early teenage years. At home, she was infected with R&B, soul, pop and hip hop, and gradually, she developed her ears for garage rock, rock n’ roll, blues and roots. In other words: you can’t simply define this vocal powerhouse. She self-released and produced her debut album, 2013’s Here’s Nikki Hill. After that she made two more records: 2015’s Heavy Hearts Hard Fists and her latest, 2018’s Feline Roots. In the meantime, she opened for a full range of artists, such as Dr. John, Los Lobos and Aaron Neville. Expect a blending of soulful, sensual and bold vocal tones with powerful chrome-plated riffs and swagger. Or, simply put: enjoy!