Friday 9 June

If you heart hasn’t been thoroughly touched by The Teskey Brothers’ latest hit single, the gripping This Will Be Our Year, you might to be due for a cardiological check-up. The Australian blues rock band from Melbourne is named after the two brothers who formed the group in 2008: Josh (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Sam (lead guitar) Teskey. Along with Brendon Love (bass) and Liam Gough (drums), they started by playing in the streets and at parties, gradually moving towards larger venues and soon attracting attention from record labels. Their big break came in 2017, when they released their debut album Half Mile Harvest, making it to number 1 in their home country. Its successor Run Home Slow was released 2,5 years later in 2019 and nominated for a Grammy Award. During their pandemic down-time, the band released no less than two live albums. They are embarking on a headline tour in Europe and the UK in 2023, and what better place to make a stop than Grolloo?