Day Tickets
One-day admission to the festival on
Thursday 13 June, € 50,40 (incl. service fee) TICKETS

One-day admission to the festival on
Friday 14 June, € 100 (incl. service fee) TICKETS
or Saturday 15 June, € 100 (incl. service fee) TICKETS

Weekend tickets (passe-partout)
Entrance to the festival for three days: 13, 14 and 15 June.
3-day ticket prices incl. service fee: € 209. TICKETS

Mobile tickets
HIBF24 tickets are only sold as Mobile Tickets. These tickets are directly linked to your Ticketmaster account and are only scanned from your account on your phone (via Ticketmaster app or mobile site). Read more about mobile tickets on the Ticketmaster website.

Festival Box Office
During the festival, tickets can also be purchased at the box office, provided they are still available. The box office is open from 10am till 10pm.

General Terms and conditions Ticketmaster
The general terms and conditions of Ticketmaster can be found here.

We advise caution regarding scalpers and unauthorized ticket vendors who may already be advertising tickets. Purchasing from them may result in overpayment, and there’s no guarantee of entry.